GUVENC MAKINA ITH. IHR. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. onvehicle equipments, truck equipments, garbage compactors, dumpers, tipper trucks, fire fighting trucks, hook lifts, mobile workshops
BIRLIK MENFEZ HAVALANDIRMA EKIPMANLARI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Industrial Type Shutter, Plastic Clamps, Plastic Clamp, Fire Damper, Air Damper, Round Air Damper, Diffuser, Anemostat
TEKNOPOMP TEKNOLOJIK POMPA VE HIDROFOR SISTEMLERI TIC. VE SAN. LTD. STI. Booster Pump, Booster Water Pumps, Centrifugal Pump, Centrifugal Water Pump, Cesspit Pump, Circulation Pump, Clean Water Pump, Diesel Water Pump

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Our sector has been serving in the fire fighting sector since 1974 and it does not compromise quality and customer satisfaction. In 1974, fire cabinets, fire extinguishing tubes, fire extinguishing equipment and fire detection systems were used in the production of electrical panels and electrical equipment before the fire fighting sector. We will continue to serve you with pleasure with the quality of the front panel with the developing technology for years.
Bumer Makina started with 5 person working-team by repairing fire trucks and garbage vehicles. In 2005, with technical team expansion, it started production of on-board equipment. At this point, due to the increasing workload, the factory moved to a new 1000 square meters workshop and service, the production activities continued from here. BUMER Makina has continued its production activities by switching to the factory which established in Torbali in 2009. After expansion of production capacity, in 2014 the new factory was opened. The workshop in Buca begun to serve as a service only. Today, as Bumer Makina, we are proud to serve you with more than 20 different products and more than 70 staff members.
Alfamaks Electronics Inc. It was established in Turkey so far 'priority is quality and customer satisfaction continued to grow with the principle. our company still manufactures world class electronic devices in its factory which has modern technology in 5000 square meters area. Our company is exporting its products to many countries of the world with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction. The products we produce are; -EN54 Addressable fire alarm systems -EN54 Conventional Fire Alarm Systems -CE standards Emergency Routing and Lighting Systems -CE standards nurse call systems - CE standards Sequential call systems With the goal of finding new customers all over the world, our company is working to increase the quality and variety of products.
Our company which manufactures different and original designs in the field of Corporate Textile has participated in tenders organized by many public institutions and organizations and has won the appreciation and appreciation of institutional officials and product users in the work of 112 Emergency Summer and Winter Duty clothes of approximately 4000 staff of 14 of the remaining 14 provinces. In order to reach the light, we know that we must challenge the darkness and we run without stopping. We are competing with today, we offer the most suitable solutions for your expectations. We ensure that we are always strong and safe in all circumstances, and we look for sustainable peace... We come from the other side of the road as you All 100% in domestic and national product development processes; In the light of years of experience and experience, we are grateful to everyone who shares their product expectations and valuable ideas ... We are developing with you, growing with you …
Guvenc Machinery Import and Export Co. Ltd. serves your esteemed customers co-operation focused on ; Quality and Reliance since the begining of our established year. Our Company fells proud of presenting logical price policy with best quality knowing Developed Technology and The Century of Competition. Our Company does True Work in True Time and fulfill your respected order with Instantly and Trustworthy. Our Mission is True Team Work. We understand compeletely our Respected Customer’s Requests and fulfill your demand from process of manufacturing to process of transportation in a soon time. We will always be honoured to co-operate with your esteemed customer.
MUNICIPAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL EQUIPMENTS AND SYSTEMS tatco municipal equipments is a world brand for the engineering, production of municipal vehicles, equipments and systems designed for the environmental of public and private areas. Core of activity can be summarised as waste logistics : equipments and systems for collection, transport and management for urban and industrial waste.
BIRLIK MENFEZ was founded on 01.05.1987 by Nazim Celik. The plastering master Nazim Celik, who started his commercial life in a small workshop of 30 square meters in Vefa, continued to work in the same district until 1996 and over the years he expanded his workshop and turned it into a large workshop. In 1996, in order to meet the increasing customer demands, the company moved to its own 300 square meter production area in Ikitelli Esot Sanayii Site, and in the same year, BIRLIK TICARET SAC SANAYI LTD. It became a corporation by taking the trade name. In 2000, the machine park was enriched and the usage area was increased to 300 square meters. In 2004, besides semi-finished product production, assembled complete product production started. In 2007, a new department was established to expand the product range and a separate department was opened for culvert manufacturing. In order to meet the increasing demand, new machines were purchased and the usage area was increased to 600 square meters. Since 2014, installation services have been provided for large projects such as mass housing and factory. Birlik Menfez is excited to share its knowledge and experience with you, our valued customers, during its production of over 32 years. Our company, which has an expert staff that has been producing ventilation equipment since its establishment; It manufactures the equipment of Grill, Anemostat, Damper, Shutter, Diffuser, Chimney Hat Venturi, Roof Hat, Suction Funnel, Rotor Funnel, Special Plastering and Ventilation systems.
Our work started in 2005 with the dealership of national companies and distributorship of foreign companies and continues with thousands of pumps, water boosters and fire group pumps at Kurtkoy facility. TEKNOPOMP brand pumps, hydrophores and fire group pumps are preferred and used in many domestic and international projects. The usage areas of pumps produced within the company; Housing-Social facilities Heat and power plants Industrial plants Agricultural irrigation Sewage systems Treatment plants Fire extinguishing systems General water demands. Pump types and models produced in the Company portfolio are as follows; Single Stage Snail Norm Pumps (TNP Series Pumps) Multistage Vertical Pumps (MNV Series Pumps) Single-stage Snail Monobloc Pumps (TNM Series Pumps) Fire pumps (AUE, AUED Series Fire Group Pumps) In-Line (Line type) Circulation Pumps (TNL Series Pumps) Hydrophore Systems (Booster Systems Produced From MNV Series Pumps)
As a company, we always do our best to use all kinds of products in a very high quality manner in order to provide a quality life right to the people who desire success. We have never compromised our red line, which we have drawn for quality, until now, with the same determination, we offer people the right to a quality life with fire doors, fire ladders, lighting fixtures and many other products.
KAGEM offers engineering and consulting services to industrial premises, factories and power plants since 2005 idifferent industries and sectors. Since 2011, KAGEM activities focus on development and application of environmental technologies, energy, and related industrial systems. KAGEM offer services with its experienced experts and strong background in industrial services and consulting. Main Field Of Activity Industrial Plants Offshore Structures Steel Structures Energy Systems Environmental Technologies Industrial Maintenance